This is Zette System: a magnificent retro gaming console handcrafted from wood that costs $2,255

October 02, 2017

This is Zette System: a magnificent retro gaming console handcrafted from wood that costs $2,255

If you like retro games and you have the soul of a collector, the Zette System is just for you!

The SNES Classic Mini has already been released on the market, which again makes it clear that retro is in fashion again. So much, that the SNES Classic Mini will not be the only classic system to return to the present.

Namely, Love Hultén, a Swedish artist known for his unique products and luxury customizations in the field of video games, has recently presented his latest creation, which is a real work of art. It is a premium retro console called Zette System, which you can use to play classic video games from Atari 2600 to Super Nintendo, through many other gaming systems.

If you miss the good old video games of the 1980s and 1990s, you can, of course, download yourself an emulator or buy the NES mini. But if you are not one of those game lovers who like to play anything, and appreciate style, design and keep up to date, it would be better to think about buying the most fashionable gaming console designed and handcrafted by Hultén.

The Zette System, handcrafted from wood, is a small portable console, capable of emulating systems ranging from the Atari 2600 to the NES, SNES, Game Boy and many others.

The console not only has these capabilities but in its basic package, it also includes a small projector and works without cables. The console can be connected to a power source, but also has an internal 2600mAh battery that allows you to play it autonomously for about two hours. You can extend this battery time using a standard external USB power bank.

A refined machine in design and performance

Its boombox shape has been used to incorporate decoupling modules which are the main components of the gaming console. The device itself can be disconnected in four modules: a system console, two wireless joypads, and a loudspeaker with magnets of neodymium that prevent interference. The system console itself includes a built-in DLP LED projector with a native resolution of 640x480px. This resolution is optimal for this generation of video games. It is a system with the capacity of storing more than 10,000 game titles as well as the addition of your own ROMs via USB.

Love Hultén seeks to combine technology and ancient and noble materials like wood in his products. Two versions are offered for sale: the first comes with classic D-Pad controllers and the second is a bigger Arcade edition, which includes two wireless joystick pads.

All the materials used for the finishes of the chassis, including the controls, are made of wood, while the buttons are made of plastic. It will cost you quite a considerable price of $2,255 and only 25 units will be manufactured in two limited editions. The shipment is planned for November this year, so you can start saving money now. Hultén also plans to release the second Arcade version that will reach the price of $2,849.

Zette System is an expensive treat for fans who want to add this nice rarity to their collection. Look, what a beauty this arcade gaming console is! Without a doubt, the Zette System is a perfect product for retro game lovers. The wealthy lovers of the retro, to be more precise.