Tips to Keeping Your Credit Card Safe

August 03, 2017

Tips to Keeping Your Credit Card Safe

You have heard of several instances of identity theft that leaves several credit card users crying foul.

You want to steer away from credit card theft as much as possible. But, how can you secure your card 100% while you need it to shop every day?

Yes, it’s possible to keep your credit card safe amidst the cutting edge technology that identity thieves use to surpass security chips. (watch more here)

Here are tips you need;

Don’t let websites remember your password for you

How lazy are you with your password? Whenever you transact online, type your password afresh. We know it’s tempting to hit the ‘remember my password ‘browser pop up, but it might make it easy for identity thieves to hack your account.

Also, have different passwords for different cards so that in case the hackers crack one password they won’t empty all your credit cards in one full swoop.

Review your transactions regularly

Do you ever take the time to analyze your transactions? If you haven’t been reviewing your transactions on a regular basis, then begin today.

Check if you recognize all the transactions you have been making— some thieves will steal from you in bits; if you guess something peculiar, change the password!

Use phone cases with card slots

Have you ever forgotten your wallet somewhere and lost everything in it? Losing credit cards will cause you inconveniences and even bar you from accomplishing your day’s tasks.

The funny thing, you never forget your phone!

Here is the deal— buy phone cases with credit card slots. You get to keep your phone safe. And your credit cards too!

Phone cases of this sort also make you presentable— no more bulging in both pockets as you won’t need to walk with your wallet anymore.

Isn’t this a good deal? It’s you to press the decision button.

The security of your cards begins with having your eyes on them, and phone cases with credit card slots is a sure way to keep your cards safe. Visit our store for durable phone cases that offer you more than just protecting your phone. You deserve more!