Tips to Take Your Poker Game to The Next Level

January 08, 2018

Tips to Take Your Poker Game to The Next Level

Easy Ways to Improve Your Poker Game

Ever wondered how the poker pros manage to keep hitting those big wins while you struggle to win a few hands in a row?

Join the club! Most of us will admit to being mediocre when it comes to our poker strategy, but don’t worry as there are plenty of ways to improve your tactics and take your game to the next level.

Use these tips next time you play to go from breaking even to crushing it!

1. Fold more

What many players don’t realise is that you don’t have to be “in the game” to play the game. Just because you are in the game it doesn’t mean you are going to win it, so learn when to quit when you’re ahead.

2. Observe your competition

Keeping an eye on the cards on the table, as well as thinking about your own strategies is a lot to handle, but once you’ve nailed that then it’s time to start paying attention to the other players at the table. Soon you will be able to see when a player always raises in a certain position or whether another has a poker tell when they bluff.

3. Focus on ranges, not hands

While many poker players are focused on the specific hands their opponents are holding, advanced players think more in terms of ranges, which cover the entire spectrum of hands their opponent could be holding. This will enable you to more effectively tune in to what they could be holding as the cards play out.

4. Know when to let go of a good hand

You might well have a pair of aces, but if it’s not going to stand up against the other hands at the table then you need to let them go! The difference between average players and good ones is that they know when they are beat, and that no kings or aces can save them.

5. Practice

No one masters their discipline by sitting around dreaming about it. You need to practice, practice, practice at every chance you get. Get yourself into the mind-set of a high roller by practising with these super awesome 24K Gold Foil Playing Cards, this kind of bling will definitely help you to up your game!

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