Top 3 Apps to Track Your Cell Phone – Your Phone’s Safety is Key!

July 23, 2017

Top 3 Apps to Track Your Cell Phone – Your Phone’s Safety is Key!

“I was just having fun with friends, but I think I got drunk and lost my phone.”

Are you familiar with such occurrences? Sometimes you face the dilemma of protecting your phone and having fun, but where people can’t be trusted, it's prudent to install a cell phone tracking app so that you can locate it whenever it slips out of your site.

“Those apps don’t work.”

Aha! You might have just used the wrong ones. Here are top 3 apps you can install today;


You no longer have to do phone searching with this app. It is effective in monitoring your phone movements.

With mSpy you will see the location of your phone and even access the messages, call logs and so much more.

This app works well for a stolen phone!

Get this anti-theft tracker— you need it!

Phone Tracker 

This phone tracking app uses the GPS to locate your phone. One of the goodies attached to this app is the ability to display a 24-hour map of the phone movements. If the phone was stolen in the past 24-hour timeframe, then it’s so easy to trace. 

Apart from locating a stolen phone, you can use it as a management tool to track your employees. With it, your lazy delivery boy is out of luck! (Check more here)


If all you have ever wanted is a third eye for your phone, then you need to check out this app. This phone tracker will locate your phone even hours after it has left your eyes.

You don’t need to do any manual search with this app— with its powerful anti-theft feature you will get it back with ease.

Well, now you know how to keep your phone protected from thieves, but have you protected your phone from occasional accidents? You’re never late! Visit our store for durable phone cases that’ll protect your phone from water spillage, knocks, and dust. You’ll be glad you did!