Top 5 accessories that will allow you to fully enjoy your GoPro camera

October 16, 2017

Top 5 accessories that will allow you to fully enjoy your GoPro camera

Since its invention, the GoPro action camera has become a true legend among people who like active entertainment and are eager for research, want to open their horizons or just shoot an exciting video. The gadget accompanies extremals in travel, helps you to make the most incredible shots and gives you the chance to relive an exciting moment after a while.

What is common for GoPro, iPhone and Sony PlayStation? As soon as they appeared on sale and made a real stir in the market, immediately began to appear different accessories - cases, cameras and special headphones. The product can be a real breakthrough in the market, but someone will definitely see how it can be improved. The problem is that along with good and really necessary accessories, a whole lot of useless or bad analogs are on sale, and it becomes difficult to understand what can be useful to you, and what will become a waste of your money.

Today in this accessory guide, we want to tell you about 5 interesting accessories for GoPro that can significantly improve your experience of communicating with the camera, or maybe introduce the camera to you from a completely new perspective.

Float handle

Do you know that most modern gadgets are usually equipped with protection class IP67 or higher? This is complete protection against dust and foreign solid objects from outside and partial or total protection against moisture ingress. If you like to go to the sea and take your GoPro with you, you definitely don’t have to worry that it will deteriorate from contact with water while you’re swimming, but it absolutely does not interfere with playing Titanic, if it slips out of your hands at great depths.

A special float handle accomplishes two goals - firstly, it will not let your camera drown because the holder is hollow and floats perfectly on the water surface and waves. Secondly, you can safely leave your gadget to float on the waves while shooting. The company’s branded GoPro The Handler float handle is sold for a price of $29.00.

Suction cup mount

You have probably already heard about such a thing as a DVR. Of course, GoPro should not be positioned as its full replacement, since the charge in it is enough for a much shorter period, but the quality of shooting is much better. If you want to shoot a video from your car or some specific route, the suction cup mount will be an excellent assistant in this case, allowing you to avoid emergency situations. In addition, if you want to shoot something in your room or out the window of your house, this accessory will enable you to get the most amazing camera angles. The GoPro suction cup comes at a price of $39.00.

Frame mount

If the previous accessory for GoPro was created in order to conduct contactless shooting from unusual angles, then the purpose of this device is to improve the sound quality in your video when you hold the GoPro camera in your hands. The usual hermetically sealed box muffles the sound and gives the surroundings and voices a small but noticeable ear echo. This item is easily attached to any other GoPro mount. The price for the GoPro frame mount is $18.98 on

Flexible tripod

Has it happened to you that you just need to fix your GoPro camera in a standing position, but simply placing it on a hard surface you get too close to the ground, and the selfie stick will be too long, especially when fixed in a stationary position?

The folding tripod for GoPro allows you to solve this problem. In addition, the unusual design of this accessory makes it incredibly flexible, allowing you to achieve exactly the angle of shooting that you need. A nice bonus is that a flexible tripod allows you to easily fix GoPro in a hanging position, for example on a high branch, opening up new opportunities for video. Joby’s GorillaPod Action Video Tripod is an excellent model at a price of $39.95.

Selfie stick

If you are a proud owner of GoPro, but for some reason have not yet used this accessory, you definitely should give it a chance. You may not be a member of the broad community of selfie fans, but if you like to shoot different things, the selfie stick will bring you the most unexpected sensations from new heights and camera positions. According to Lifewire, the best selfie stick in 2017 is Mpow iSnap X, the price of which is $10.


Our list of recommended accessories for GoPro has come to an end, and we hope we were able to present several new options for you to consider. With this knowledge, perhaps you will rethink the usefulness of those that you have already heard. Now you have the right information that will help you decide what is the best solution that will suit your needs and of course, your budget.