Top 5 TV Boxes for your exhilarating experience. We choose for ourselves as well!

October 13, 2017

Top 5 TV Boxes for your exhilarating experience. We choose for ourselves as well!

People rethink their attitude towards TV and what they do with this device every day. Many years ago, you sat every evening in front of the TV and waited for your favorite show or you simply missed the series not having any idea what happened to the storyline. Now you can watch any series in the history of the cinema on your TV, in high quality, with subtitles, and many other things. It's convenient, it's simple and easy, which means - why not make yourself a home theater with all the buns and opportunities? You simply connect the set-top box to your TV, even if it's not very new and there's no Wi-Fi or Smart TV, and you launch the apps, the Internet, various services for watching videos.

Therefore, we decided to tell you about the most interesting set-top boxes today, and tried to choose the most optimal models in terms of price. You only need to pick what is most suitable to your needs and budget.


A couple of years ago, everyone was saying that there is no need to buy 4K TVs, as there is no product in this resolution. Then they talked about the fact that buying a console with the presence of 4K does not make sense, they say, there is no content either. Now without a set-top box like SCISHION V88 RK3229 it will be very difficult for you to play content and view 4K video, since not all TVs, even modern ones, have a Wi-Fi module, not all have the necessary connectors or they are in the right amount. The same gadget is easy to connect to a TV via HDMI, then you can connect external drives or a USB flash drive, for example, connect to Wi-Fi or plug in the cable if you really want, and you get a very cool solution on Android 5.1 that allows you to stream 4K content. This is a really good solution for your money, as the device costs a penny (only  ‎$37.35), according to the standards of the modern electronics market, and has all the necessary functions - Internet access, built-in memory, support for applications of various kinds and video in the right format.

Mecool M8s pro

Recently, many users began to buy their set-top boxes exclusively for the sake of 4K content from YouTube. But, if you want to watch YouTube videos in 4K, you need to have a device with a good amount of RAM and at least some minimum of built-in memory. For example, Mecool M8s pro has 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. This is quite enough for you to calmly watch the content in the resolution you need and get pleasure from it - the picture does not jerk, nor does it stop once more for loading. Plus, thanks to the built-in memory and the Android 7.1 OS, you will have a huge selection of applications to download - install and use. Given the price for competitor models from more well-known brands, this model seems completely unique and interesting for those who have a desire to get the absolute maximum for their money, and not just buy an expensive toy. Mecool M8s pro costs $74.05.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box

Xiaomi pleases its customers in absolutely all niches - from smartphones to smart bulbs, this manufacturer shows the best performance in terms of price, build quality and capabilities. But, I liked this model most of all with my software - the manufacturer really thought about making it more interesting and convenient for users to use the set-top box. Here you have an adequate appearance of the interface and localization, and there is no Chinese software that could prevent you from working quietly or watching movies. This device has only 2GB of RAM, but this is quite enough for you to run applications and work with them quite pleasantly. Built-in memory is 8GB, of which little less is available, but, in general, it is quite enough for the main applications. Next, you get Android 6.0and the ability to run content in 4K, which is important in resolution modern digital world. You only need to subscribe to channels that broadcast 4K content and you can enjoy HQ content on a device that is significantly cheaper than famous brands. Xioami Mi is sold for a price of $69.00.

TX2 RK3229

I liked this console for its laconic design, the ability to connect all the necessary peripherals and a quad-core processor. Here it’s worth noting that choosing a set-top box based on the processor's power is far from a frequent choice, most often this is a losing tactic and the user does not benefit from the power of the processor. However, the TX2 RK3229 has 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, which is enough for full-time work with all the applications you need. To support the performance of the processor here there are 2GB of RAM, which for programs and games is quite enough. To store personal content you are given 16 GB, this is enough for basic applications, but if you want to store a lot of movies or whole seasons of TV series in Full HD, you will need to buy an external hard drive and run the content from it. Fortunately, there are enough ports for connecting external drives and you can view your entire library. Plus, the box is really compact and looks quite attractive for a price of $29.89 at GearBest.


To call this device a set-top box would not be quite right as it really is a compact computer that can be used as a media center for your TV. For example, if you want to not just watch YouTube videos and movies from a USB drive, and run some applications that require resources or you want to connect this gadget to your monitor and use it as a full-fledged workstation, then VOYO VMac Mini PC will satisfy you completely. To begin with, the device has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of built-in memory. This is enough to install all the programs you need and use the device for entertainment or office suite of applications. Yes, you can easily connect the console to the monitor and use it as a full-fledged working computer, as it has enough power for working with documents and even more difficult tasks. Inside, even Windows 10 is installed, which will allow you to get the maximum pleasure and comfort from working with this product, it remains only to decide how you want to use it in your life. The VOYO VMac Mini PC is sold for $235.99.