Transform Your Garden into a Winter Wonderland

November 14, 2017

Transform Your Garden into a Winter Wonderland

Ways to Bring Winter Magic to Your Yard

The festive season is upon us, which means long evenings spent decorating your home and making it cosy for the colder months. But, there’s no reason why you can’t make outside just as magical!

Regardless of whether you get snow, it’s possible to transform your outside space into a beautiful winter wonderland. All it takes is a little planning and preparation:

Think about smells – winter is all about pine, so plant some low maintenance evergreens or pine trees in your yard for Christmas scents.

Build a fire pit – there’s nothing cosier than huddling around a fire in the winter, so why not bring this tradition outside by building a simple fir pit in the yard?

Attract robins –these little birds are strongly associated with all things Christmas, so put plenty of their favourite food out to encourage them in. They are particularly partial to black sunflower seeds and crushed nuts.

Plant winter flowers – flowers don’t just come out in the springtime, there are a wide range of winter plants that really shine during the colder months. Plant mistletoe in hanging baskets or include poinsettia, amaryllis, and rosemary for a wonderfully wintery effect.

Turn your greenhouse into a grotto – you can really turn the magic on by transforming your shed or greenhouse into a grotto for the children!

Decorate with lights – winter wouldn’t be the same without plenty of twinkling lights! String these beautiful snowfall LED lights from trees and shrubbery to create a truly magical wonderland.

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