Ways to Get Creative with a Fisheye Lens

January 21, 2018

Ways to Get Creative with a Fisheye Lens

Take Your Photos Up a Notch with This Awesome Lens

Whether you’re a serious photographer or you just like to dabble in taking pictures, there are some pieces of equipment that are just too awesome to leave out of your tool kit. One of these pieces of kit is a fisheye lens.

Originally used as a way for meteorologists to study the sky and clouds, fisheyes became super popular in mainstream photography due to their awesome uses, such as:


This is one of the best ways of having fun with this lens. You can’t zoom with a fisheye, so it’s all about experimenting with the perspective to get the right amount of distortion. Try taking photos from up high, or down low, to see what a difference the distortion makes.

Radial blur

Using a slow shutter speed, take a photo and rotate the camera 90° clockwise. The blur that this leaves is an insanely cool effect! Particularly when there are lots of lights and candles around.


It is actually possible to use a fisheye as a wide-angle lens rather than a distorted one, all you need to do is ensure that the horizon is in the middle of the focus. This opens up the opportunities to take some pretty mind-blowing photos!

Original photos

Used correctly, a fisheye lens is a great way to take original images that just aren’t possible with a normal lens. Try spending a week using the fisheye instead of a normal lens and see what kind of crazy images you can come up with!

You might think that you need lots of expensive equipment for a fisheye, but actually using this 3-in-1 Universal Mobile Fisheye Lens you can achieve super awesome photos using just your phone!

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