Ways to Make Your Home Office More Awesome

December 08, 2017

Ways to Make Your Home Office More Awesome

Home Office Hacks

If you work from home then you will know that the home office is the most important area in the house. Not only do you spend most of your time there, but it’s where you have your best ideas and channel your productivity.

So why is there a basket of laundry in there! And what is with that crazy mismatched furniture!

Keeping an uncluttered, beautiful home office is proven to not only boost our mood and productivity but can actually positively impact on our approach to work.

So, isn’t it time you made over your home office space?

You can get started by:

Decluttering –clutter is bad for the mind as it promotes the feeling that you are behind on your chores, or that there are other things to do. It is incredibly distracting, so remove anything from your work space that doesn’t need to be there. File papers, find a new space for that treadmill and sort out that pile of laundry!

Choosing productive colours– even if you can redecorate the whole space, think about surrounding your work area with colours that promote calm and productivity such as blues and greens.

Getting some fancy stationery - splash out on some matching stationery that you can’t wait to use and keep it all neatly organised to encourage you to maintain an orderly space.

Sorting out your chair– if your office chair is looking a bit tired, now might be a good time to give it an overhaul with some new fabric and cushions.

Upgrading your mouse mat – nothing says entrepreneurial world domination like this Gigantic Atlas Mouse Mat! Big enough to protect a large office desk from scratches and spills, you’ll never need another mouse mat again!

Of course, it’s up to you to make the magic happen, but hopefully your new look desk will give you the inspiration you need to get to work!  

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