Why Have a Dashcam

September 05, 2017

Why Have a Dashcam

Here at My Mobile Gear, we believe that having an extra pair of eyes on the road is significantly safer than relying on human memory, reaction times, and attention.

We have sourced two excellent dash cameras that can provide our customers with excellent surveillance, security and added safety at all times!

But why would you buy a dash camera?

Evidence of an accident: 

Often accidents can lead to lengthy legal disputes as to who is to blame and who is at fault. This information is used by insurance companies to calculate pay-outs and to speed up legal proceedings. Dash cameras can record 24/7, meaning that if you are involved in an accident at any time, you will have video evidence that proves who was to blame and who was in the wrong.

  • Reporting dangerous drivers

    Some people drive dangerously and put people at risk their whole lives. It’s very difficult to report such drivers as they are often gone before you can note down their details. Having a dash cam means that next time somebody puts your life/your family’s life at risk on the road, you have video back up to support your complaint about them.

  • Good for instructors and parents

    Dashcams can be monitored and footage downloaded by driving professionals to comment and advise their students.

    Parents who are worried about their kid’s habits on the road can invest in a dashcam to check up on their kid’s behaviours when driving a vehicle alone or at night time. This can be a great way to discipline new drivers and ensure safety all the time.

  • Record stunning views and adventures

    When was the last time you enjoyed a decent road trip? Think of all the memories that you could capture if you hit the road with a camera recording all the amazing views and spontaneous spots that you drop by when you’re travelling.

    Dashcams are able to store memories, memories that can be downloaded and stored or shared across social media and blogs.

  • Some dashcams have amazing features

    From built in satellite navigation through to microphones, speedometers and HD cameras. Choosing the right dashcam can open the doors to a wide range of great technical features to improve your vehicle/driving.

What’s the best thing about your dashcam? Don’t have one yet? Check pout our discounted dash cam’s here.