WT2, the inconspicuous Real-time translator placed in Bluetooth earbuds translates 6 languages

October 03, 2017

WT2, the inconspicuous Real-time translator placed in Bluetooth earbuds translates 6 languages

Being in an unfamiliar place could be an unpleasant experience for many travelers. Even with the knowledge of languages, even if you do speak English, not all people in the world understand the language. This and many other problems can be easily solved with the help of the innovative WT2 Bluetooth translator.

The compact WT2 gadget translates in real time what one person says to a language that is understandable to another person. Thus, it allows you to overcome language barriers in a multilingual conversation with the help of two wireless earphones and one smartphone app.

How does the WT2 translator work?

You open the charging case that stores two earphones (very similar to AirPods), insert one earphone into your ear, and you give the other earphone to the person with whom you want to talk. These earphones are automatically synchronized with the smartphone app (iOS or Android), and then determine in which language each person speaks and translate the conversation in real time. The main advantage of WT2 is that the gadget allows you to keep eye contact with your interlocutor and freely gesticulate. This is a huge advantage over other translation devices that require you to type the translated text and watch the result on the screen. Here is a demonstration video to show you how the WT2 exactly works:

There are no more language barriers!

Well, then you just speak your mother language, and the person you’re talking to hears the same phrase in their earphone, but in their own language. In total, six languages are supported: English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Translation works in any combination. The developer promises to add more languages after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, such as Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, etc.

WT2 has a basic set of vocabulary, suitable for conversation in ordinary language on everyday topics, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to use it for conversations about complex topics like art or philosophical theories. Although, the built-in battery of the device is designed approximately 2 hours of casual conversations. By the way, the device can also work in a one-way mode: you can keep the earpiece in your ear, and you give the other person your smartphone to speak into the microphone.

WT2 had passed the test

The work of the device was confirmed by the authoritative technology site TechCrunch, whose experts have tested the WT2 translator in China.

Devin Coldewey, a reporter at TechCrunch, tested the device in conjunction with Tu Wei - founder of the TimeKettle startup, working on the WT2 translator. They tested the device speaking in English and Mandarin Chinese.

In the course of the experiment, the TechCrunch reporter made the following conclusions: “…it worked quite well, as long as you keep your translation expectations realistic — complex speech and idiom don’t survive quick machine translation, but you can still get a lot across.“

Coldewey said that the device worked well, albeit with a minor delay in the translation process. But, since the testing was done in June, the developers have significantly optimized the device since then. Now the delay is no more than 1-3 seconds. And the WT2 is still more convenient than the main number of solutions offered on the market today.

You can order one now

Developers have already managed to collect the amount necessary to launch the production of serial models. Currently, the project has raised more than $120,000 - twice as much as $ 50,000. So the wonderful WT2 translator can already be ordered for an early-bird price of $99. Delivery anywhere in the world is scheduled for December.