Xiaomi Introduced A New “Smart” Robot Cleaner Called Mi Roborock Sweep One. It's Amazing!

September 25, 2017

Xiaomi Introduced A New “Smart” Robot Cleaner Called Mi Roborock Sweep One. It's Amazing!

The rapidly developing company Xiaomi, which produces high-quality smartphones, tablets, CCTV cameras, water filters, umbrellas and even backpacks, announced its high-tech robot vacuum cleaner Roborock Sweep One. The novelty has received an ultra-fashionable design, several useful functions, and modes. It is worth noting that the new robot cleaner now understands much easier and faster.

This is actually a product under the crowdfunding platform, which means it isn’t directly produced by the Xiaomi company but just like the first model, Roborock manufactured the Sweep One robot cleaner.

Roborock Sweep One is similar in many aspects to its predecessor. The cleaning gadget is clad in a laconic round case and equipped with a LDS laser rangefinder which is now placed closer to the center. This self-developing high-precision laser high beam sensor can scan a room at a speed of 5 x 360 degrees per second using the original SLAM algorithm in real time. A special program builds a room map and plans a work route. When working together with the other 13 sensors, the rangefinder reacts to a variety of obstacles and angles, smoothly bending around them, choosing the most efficient route and quickly finding a charging station.

The filter with water control is capable of filtering debris. Ideal surface cleanliness is achieved through two sturdy brushes - the main and optional on the side. Inside the vacuum cleaner is a powerful engine with a pressure of up to 2,000 Pa, whereas the previous model had a 1,800 Pa engine. Also, the robot cleaner can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high. The small size of the Roborock Sweep One allows the robot cleaner to fit easily under furniture, where it is difficult to use a regular vacuum cleaner.

One of the key innovations in the Roborock Sweep One was the function of wet cleaning. In the lower part of the robot, you can fix the water tank, which allows you to moisten the cloth for wiping the floor. One refueling is enough for 45-60 minutes of operation in this mode. The intelligent system can automatically increase the power of the motor when the robot detects a carpet. Scheduled cleaning is also supported in specified places, and in addition, the user of this robot cleaner can specify the desired area of ​​the apartment in the Mi application. Chinese users can download the language pack so that Sweep One notifies household members about its actions with a voice message.

The battery of 5200 mAh (at a voltage of 14.4 V this is about 75 Wh) is designed for 2.5 hours of autonomous operation, which is equivalent to cleaning a room of 250 m². With a low charge, the robotic vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging station. You can wash the Teflon coating filter, which requires changing only once a year.

What would be the price?

The Roborock Sweep One project collected the right amount of money on Xiaomi crowdfunding in just three hours, even though it is more expensive than Mi Robot Vacuum. The novelty can be purchased for about $ 379, whereas last year's model for dry cleaning will cost you twice cheaper than that price - about $ 258 on the domestic market.

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