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Are you a person who enjoys travelling the world? Then you will definitely need this! Now you can record aerial HD videos of all your favourite places!

Let us introduce you to the Foldable Mini Selfie Drone named JJRC H37 Elfie.

Having played with the JJRC H37 Elfie for several months, we would just say - this little baby rocks! The little quadcopter is unimaginably lightweight, compact enough to slip into your pocket (thanks to its folding arms) and kind of cute-looking.

The drone is controlled with an application, and its built-in camera can stream live videos to that application. You can capture snapshots or make selfie videos and both options are made simpler thanks to Elfie's auto-hover capability. There is also a headless mode option that makes steering much simpler.

The selfie trend just got an upgrade! With this mini-drone, you can now take the best HD quality videos without the need of an extra person to operate the camera nor the drone itself.

If what you want is a fun little quadcopter flying around you, this is undoubtedly an offer you can’t refuse!



Manufacturer: JJRC 
Type: Outdoor, Quadcopter 
Model: H37 ELFIE 
Features: Wi-Fi FPV 
Motor Type: Brushed Motor 
Functions: 3D rollover, Camera, FPV, Wi-Fi Connection, Altitude Hold Mode, Headless Flight Mode, One Key Taking Off, Forward/backwards/sideward flight, Turn left/right, Up/down, With LED lights 
Night Flight: Yes 
Built-in Gyro: 6 Axis Gyro 
Material: Plastic,  Electronic Components
Level: Beginner Level


Remote Control: Wi-Fi Remote Control 
Channel: 4-Channels 
Detailed Control Distance: 30-50 meters 
Transmitter Power: No transmitter included


Battery: Built-in 3.7V 500mAh 20C Li-Po Battery

Flying Time: 8-15 minutes 

Charging Time: about 2 hours


Camera Pixels: 2 MP 
Video Resolution: 720 x 576 pixels

Weight and Dimension

Product Weight: 73 g 
Package weight: 262 g
Product Size (folded): 2.56 x 5.31 x 0.98 in / 6.50 x 13.50 x 2.50 cm

Product size (unfolded): 6.4 x 5.3 x 1.0 in / 16.00 x 13.50 x 2.5 cm
Package size: 6.1 x 3.46 x 2.36 in / 15.50 x 8.80 x 6.00 cm


The JJRC H37 Elfie Mini Drone is packaged in a small and robust cardboard box, usually used to pack smartphones. Once you open the box you will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of a bundled velvet carry bag. This protective bag will keep the Elfie mini-drone from getting scratched when you wear it in your pocket with other things.  That way the drone can be conveniently carried and safely stored as well.

The package contains:

  • 1 x JJRC H37 Elfie Drone (built-in camera 0.3 MP Black, 2 MP pink)
  • 1 x 3.7V 500mAh 20C Li-Po Battery
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 4 x Spare Propellers
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x User Manual (English)
  • 1 x Black Velvet Protective Bag




The size of the drone is 6.50 x 13.50 x 2.50 cm, which is comparable to the size of a conventional smartphone.


You can easily fold/unfold Elfie’s arms in a matter of seconds so the drone will simply fit inside your pocket. When folded, the blades are well protected, so if you wear it into your pocket, the drone does not need any additional protection or box. In just 5 seconds the JJRC H37 Elfie is ready to fly.


On top of the drone is found the power button, very visible and easily accessible, which also makes it simple to prepare Elfie for launch.


The two rear and front LEDs are red and white, respectively. In the dark, these LEDs will guide you, helping you understand where the camera is aimed.

In front of the drone is found the small camera. You can adjust the tilt angle of the lens (around ± 15 degrees) which allows you to obtain the best field of view.

The lengthy 500mAh 20C Li-Po battery is loaded from the bottom of the drone.




Foldable design

Wi-Fi Real-Time Image Transmission:Elfie’s high-definition camera allows its user to make excellent selfies with the slightest effort. The 100 meters control distance offers amazing bird's-eye view.

Headless Flight Mode:in this mode, Elfie flies to any direction the user wants even though they don’t know the drone’s orientation.

Altitude hold mode (auto-hover):altitude hold mode allows the drone to maintain a (roughly) consistent altitude.

Aerial Show: the Elfie drone is capable of carrying out 360-degree rotations with excellent agility in various directions. 

APP control via smartphone or tablet (Gyro sensor and virtual joysticks): the Gyro sensor mode enables the small drone to move in the same direction as your mobile device.

Several flight speed rates (30%, 60%, and 100%)

Video frame rates: 25 fps

No auto-tracking function

About 8 – 15 minutes of flight time

Nearly 100 meters control range in an open field

One key return-to-home (not GPS)



Usually motors are arranged vertically on toy drones, however, due to its foldable design, the JJRC H37 Elfie drone has horizontally mounted motors. Such position of the motors allowed the manufacturer to make the drone much smaller.

Because of the horizontal position of the motor for transmitting rotation on the vertical axis, an additional gear is used.

Motors are mounted inside the arms, so in case a motor fails, the entire arm can be conveniently replaced. This is not a difficult task, as there are rays of sale assembly, plus screw. According to the maker, other types of motors will not fit.



On the front of the JJRC H37 mini drone is a small Wi-Fi FPV camera with an adjustable angle. You can manually adjust the angle, within the range of ± 15 degrees.

The built-in 0.3MP (480p) Wi-Fi FPV camera allows you to capture pictures and record videos with a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels.

The JJRC H37 doesn’t have a micro-SD memory card slot, so the captured pictures and videos are automatically saved on your smartphone/tablet’s internal memory. A 5-minute footage occupies about 23 MB of storage.


The videos are stored with an H264 format under the “JJRC” APP application folder. You need to convert the videos in order to watch them on your computer.

You can display the camera’s real-time video feed on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) via the JJRC APP. The quality of live videos is pretty satisfying, so your kids will surely love the fact that they can now spy the neighbour’s dog with the Elfie drone.


The battery can be removed, fitting safely inside the case with a lid on the bottom of Elfie. The battery has a capacity of 500 mAh which allows Elfie to be flying in the air up to 15 minutes.


The JJRC H37 mini-drone comes without a remote controller and can be controlled only via a mobile device (smartphone/tablet). You can choose to control the Elfie mini-drone in two ways, using either the virtual joysticks on the screen of your mobile device or through gyro sensor.

You can navigate the flight direction of the drone with the right virtual joystick or via the mobile device’s internal gyro-sensor by tilting the device. Practically, the user can control the JJRC Elfie H37 drone like when playing a mobile video game, which means children will surely like this feature.

drone app control

Finishing the flight with Elfie is never more simple, the user just needs to press the arrow-down button, and the drone will land and stop its motors.

The drone can fly both in Headless Flight Mode and FPV.

The JJRC APP allows its user to review pictures/videos right on the flight field. The captured files being stored on your smartphone’s memory you can instantly share them with your friends.



Prior to your first flight with the drone, you need to install the JJRC APP application on your smartphone or tablet. After unfolding the motors arms, press the power button to start the drone and search for the Wi-Fi network labelled “JJRC–526E61”. The motors can be armed through the JJRC APP application by tapping the arrow "up." In the case of emergency, all the drone’s motors can be stopped instantly with the help of the “Stop” button.

Having an integrated air-pressure sensor (barometer) the JJRC H37 drone is capable of maintaining a very stable flight altitude.

For beginners, it is not recommended to increase the speed above 30%. When using the drone inside a house or an apartment it is advisable not to set the speed of more than 60%. The 100% speed rate is intended for outdoor flights only. At such speed, the JJRC H37 becomes fast and agiler.

Naturally, because of the Wi-Fi protocol, the live stream has some lag so it is not recommended to use the drone exclusively in FPV mode.

The control mode of the Elfie mini drone is set to virtual joysticks by default. Push the throttle stick (left one) up to raise the drone.



1. Pre-Flight Environment

Flight Environment

Indoor flight

We recommend using the mini drone in spacious spaces away from crowds, barriers or pets.

Outdoor flight

  1. Windless, sunny, or breezy weather is preferred.flight weather
  2. Do not use the mini drone in extreme weathers.do not use on bad weather

  3. Make sure the mini drone is within range and the outdoor surroundings are open and spacious enough, which means they are away from tall buildings, crowds, electricity pylons, and signal towers.                       avoid using on signal towers

  4. Keep the mini drone within your sight and keep it away from crowds, obstacles, trees, high voltage lines, and so on during the use.keep away from crowds and obstacles


2. Battery Usage

Attention to battery usage

  1. There is a certain risk when using a lithium battery. It may cause body injury, fire or property loss. Users must be cautious of the risks when using this product. Manufacturers, dealers, and retailers do not bear any responsibility once accidents occur; please read the charging instructions and safety guidelines carefully prior use.
  2. If battery leakage occurs, make sure you avoid any contact with your skin and eyes with electrolyte. Once that happens, please wash your eyes with clean water and visit a medical doctor immediately.
  3. Please pull the plug immediately if you sense any peculiar noise, smell or smog. Acquire a new charger afterwards.
  4. Please abide by the following requirements strictly, or it may lead to electric shock, fire or explosion.
Battery Charging and replacement
  1. Open the battery cover in the direction of the arrow shown in the diagram.
  2. Pull out the power plug and remove the batteries.
  3. Connect the battery power cord with a USB cable.charging

Safety measures

  1. Always use the charger provided by the manufacturer to ensure safe usage of the drone.
  2. Don’t charge an outworn or dilatant battery.
  3. Don’t overcharge the battery. Please remove the charger from the power supply once the battery is fully charged.
  4. Don’t charge the battery on the surface of electro-conductive objects or next to inflammables. When charging please observe the battery continually.
  5. Don’t charge batteries which are not cool down yet.
  6. The charging temperature must be between 32OF and 104OF.


  1. Do not dispose of the battery as daily trash. Ensure you inform yourself with the local garbage disposal method and dispose of it according to special requirements.




  1. If the mini drone cannot take off, it might be because:
  • The blades are mounted backwards.
  • Solution: Make sure the blades are installed in the proper direction.
  • The battery of the mobile device or of the mini drone is low.
  • Solution: Make sure the battery of either one is fully charged.
  • The motors are damaged.
  • Solution: Please check whether the motors work. If not, please change a new one.
  • The circuit board of the mini drone is damaged.
  • Solution: Contact the manufacturer for technical support or purchase a new one from the manufacturer’s official website.
  1. If the flight path deviates during takeoff, it might be because:
  • The mini-drone flies in windy weather conditions.
  • Solution: Strong wind might affect the drone’s flight path. Please make sure the surroundings are appropriate for drone flights.
  • The mobile device is not well adjusted for operation.
  • Solution: Manipulate the left and right adjustment buttons of the mobile device to adjust the flight direction.
  • Any of the blades was out of shape.
  • Solution: Please replace the outworn blade with a spare or purchase a new one from the manufacturer’s official website.
  1. If the mini drone cannot fly up high, it might be because:
  • The blades rotate at a low speed.
  • Solution: Pull the power lever upwards to increase the rotation speed of the blades.
  • The battery needs to be charged.
  • Solution: Remove and charge the battery.
  • The blades were mounted backward.
  • Solution: Make sure the blades are mounted in the proper direction according to instructions.
  1. If the mini drone is out of control, it might be because:
  • The wind is too strong
  • Solution: Do not use the mini drone in windy weather conditions. The strong wind might affect the drone’s flight path in terms of height and distance.
  • The mini drone is out of the radius of effective action.
  • Solution: Make sure the mini drone flies within the radius of the remote control.
  • The signal is interrupted due to disconnection of the battery.
  • Solution: Check whether the battery is properly connected to ensure energising.
  1. If the mini drone is landing too fast, it might be because:
  • You’ve pulled the power lever back too fast.
  • Solution: Slowly pull back the power lever in order to safely land the mini drone.
  • The battery is low on power.
  • Solution: Charge the battery.
  1. Why is the indicator light of the mini drone flashing?
  • Solution:Battery power is depleted, recharge the battery.
  1. Why one of the blades does not spin or spins slower than others?
  • Solution:
  • Check whether the blades are mounted tight enough;
  • Adjust the trim key;
  • Remove the blade that does not spin to ensure the motor is working properly;
  • If the motor doesn’t operate, ensure the motor gear is connected properly;
  • Remove the body shell to check whether the motor cable is disconnected to the mainboard.
    8.How to determine the steering of a rotor?
  • Solution: Rotors are usually marked with A, B or R. One method marks forward blades with A and inverted with B marking. On the other hand, blades with R marking are forward blades, while inverted blades do not bear R marking. Blades that rotate diagonally have the same steering, while adjacent blades have opposite steering.
  1. How to judge the steering of a motor?
  • Solution:
  • Usually, a forward motor is with blue and red wires, while a reversed one has black and white wires. Motors with diagonal direction have the same steering, while adjacent ones have opposite steering.
  • Sometimes on the motor surface can be found CW or CCW markings. CW refers to the forward motor, while CCW stands for reversed motor.
    10.Is the battery not standardized?
  • Solution: Not all batteries are standardised. Please refer to product specifications and instructions for further details.
  1. The longer the battery charges, the more powerful it is?
  • Solution: Don’t overcharge the battery. The charging process will stop once the battery has full power. Please immediately remove the plug if you notice any overheating or smoke from the wire or battery.
  1. Why the single battery cell has lower voltage?
  • Solution: Voltage difference in single battery cells is a normal phenomenon. Large current discharge usually results with voltage imbalance. This may be caused by poor contact between the charger and battery, so the user should apply balance charge mode to energise the drone’s battery.
  1. Can the battery be charged anywhere?
  • Solution: Don’t charge the battery nearby inflammable or on the surface of electro-conductive objects. Avoid the use or charging of dilatant batteries.
  1. How to deal with a heated battery?
  • Solution: Don’t charge the battery which is not cool down yet. Battery heating is normal while being aware of overheating. Please immediately pull out the charger out of the power supply when the battery is overheated.
  1. Will the battery work in a low-temperature environment?
  • Solution: The battery capacity will decrease obviously under temperature below 14°F. Preheat the battery to 68°F prior using it.
  1. Can the battery be used in a cold environment?
  • Solution: Store the product in a moisture-proof and waterproof environment. When stored over three months, it is recommended to charge and discharge the battery occasionally to preserve its activity. 
  1. How to deal with unusable batteries?
  • Solution: Make sure any unusable batteries are not mixed with daily trash and not damaged. Collect them in plastic bags to keep them from sun and rain, and place in designated containers for radiant waste.
  1. Can the battery be charged with other chargers?
  • Solution: The drone’s battery must use the original charger; the use of damaged chargers or other charges is strictly prohibited.



Product image is for illustration only. The smartphone in the image is not included in the package. The product sold may have minor physical differences depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, production batch, etc. Customers should carefully consider this before purchasing the product.

Product Safety Disclaimer: 

This mini drone is not a toy and thus not suitable for children under the age of 14. They may use the mini drone under adult supervision only.

Carefully read the user manual before any use. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to use the drone under the assistance of an experienced adult.

This mini drone is equipped with coreless DC motors, hence the continuous use of different batteries is not recommended.

Small Parts Disclaimer: 
This product contains small parts, not recommended for children under the age of 3 in order to avoid swallowing or choking. We do not accept any liability or responsibility for the misuse of this product.