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Red Digital LED Watch Rubber Band

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Gear up a new fashion LED watch with different playful colors!

A 12 hours system set up which displays time and date,with large font for easy reading. 

Made simple for only a single button operation.

Design with power saving mode:If you don't press the button for about 3 seconds, the LED Display Screen automatically shut down. 

How to Use:


  • When you set the time/date, please do it when the LED display screen is blinking, if the LED display screen is shut down, you will need to set up again. 
  • Press the button, Time appears, press the button again,Date appears. 
  • Press the button,Hours/Minutes Shows,Long press on the button until the hour blinks,Short push on the button to set hours.(cycle through the hours) 
  • Long press on the screen again, Hours are steady, Minutes blink,Short push on the button cycle through the minutes. 
  • After setting the current item, then Long press on the button enter the next setting, In turn set orders are: hours--minutes---Month--Date. Set a good time to stop and figures, do not press the button to save the settings.